Shaheen Soroush was a Persian living in Dubai with a lush lifestyle funded by pornography.  He was not really a bad man and did not deserve to die, at least not over a property debt.  But the Russian mafia takes debts very seriously so the two Russians came south.


Shaheen's British friend Harry Linley did not really mean to kill them both.  It was all a bit of a mistake, triggered by that priceless Persian cat.  


After that things became rather complicated.



Following what I have been told was a successful and varied career in the British military, its Special Forces, and service with the American military and government, I now work in the far more hazardous financial sector in both London and the Middle East. When not working or adventuring, I write.

So having previously written military non-fiction for Bene Factum Publishers, they asked if I had a novel in me and having read Persian Roulette it now turns out they want three! Persian Roulette is therefore my debut novel and the first of three novels in the "Harry Linley" series.

Although strictly fiction, Persian Roulette draws on my experience across the financial and military sectors. It's underlying premise is a quote by George Bernard Shaw who said, "The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." Hence what starts off as an innocent favour of cat-sitting by a former SAS officer ends up with the balance of power changing in the Middle East!

The plot is based in Dubai and it should appeal to anyone who has lived there, visiting, or even planning to live there. The complete diversity of the city was, in part, the inspiration of the novel just as was "Bunny" who is the very real priceless, Persian Cat that sets the dominoes tumbling. She causes some to meet their destiny and other their fate. The British, Persians, Russians, Americans and a very cool Emirati policeman can all expect one or the other!

I hope you enjoy reading Persian Roulette as much as I enjoyed writing it and that you draw the humour from many of the happenings within. The e-book is now published for your download and the paperback will be launched at the end of January 2015. The sequel to Persian Roulette is already well advanced, so when you finish Persian Roulette, be assured I really am burning the midnight oil bringing Harry Linley through his next encounter with money, crime, passion, killings and adventure.